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Retirement village advice from a highly experienced lawyer -
Richard McCullagh

Have you decided to move into a retirement village and are discerning about the quality of legal advice you want?

I have over 30 years experience in all legal aspects of retirement village contracts and compliance with applicable legislation.  Having acted for a variety of village operators for over a quarter of a century I now act for residents who want sound and timely advice at a reasonable price.

The retirement village industry has undergone a huge consolidation in the last 10 years and continues to be subject to ever-changing government regulation.  I offer a focused and personal service for residents moving into, or out of, a retirement village. 

Moving into a retirement village is no less complicated than moving to another residence.  In some ways it is a little more complex because of at least two factors. 

First, there is the ongoing provision of services and facilities in a village, and a resident’s contribution to these costs.  This is similar to levies in a strata title development.

Second, I have found that most people are concerned with not only how much it will cost them to move in but also with how much money they (or their estate) are likely to receive when they leave the village.  There are a variety of fees and charges typically payable on moving out, and differing arrangements for the sharing of capital gain or loss, each subject to different types of regulation, or no regulation in some cases.  Depending on the length of stay in the village and movements in the property market over that time, these adjustments can range from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000 in some cases. 

My fees for prompt and clear advice are between $900 and $1,500 plus GST

I will act for residents promptly and thoroughly at a fixed fee, including a visit to your home to advise you on the contracts, if convenient for you.

Please contact me at Patrick McHugh & Co, Solicitors, 113 Avoca Drive Kincumber NSW 2251 (PO Box 1356 Gosford NSW 2250), Ph (02)4369 6975 or Email: richard@patrickmchugh.com.au